Competitive prizes

The Paul-Louis Weiller Portrait Prize
Established in 1971 by Commander Paul-Louis Weiller, an Unattached Member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, this annual competition is designed to foster the art of the portrait. There are no age or nationality restrictions and entry is open alternately to painters and sculptors. The founder's children have set out to further their father's aim, notably by increasing the prizes, which are now as follows:
- Grand Prize (no age limit): 100 000 francs (Ï15220)
- Second Prize (to a painter under 35 or a sculptor under 40): 45 000 francs (Ï6850)
- Third Prize (to a painter under 35 or a sculptor under 40): 25 000 francs (Ï3800)
- Two "Special Jury Prizes" (at least one for a painter under 25 or a sculptor under 30): 15 000 francs each (Ï2280).
Of the five prizes, at least two - among which must be one of the first three prizes - are awarded to foreign artists.
The necessary information is available in the third quarter of the preceding year.

The Pierre David-Weill Drawing Prize
Also established in 1971, this prize is open to artists under 30 on 1 January of the application year. While there are no restrictions on nationality, foreign applicants must have been resident in France for at least a year.
- First Prize: 30 000 francs (Ï4560)
- Second Prize: 15 000 francs (Ï2280)
- Third Prize: 10 000 francs (Ï1520)

Grand Prize for Architecture
Founded in 1975, this competition is open to architecture students and young graduates of French nationality who are under 35 in the year preceding the award. There are three prizes in all:
- The Grand Prize and the Charles Abella Prize: 130 000 francs (Ï19786)
- Second Prize and the André Arfvidson Prize: 50 000 francs (Ï7600)
- Third Prize and the Paul Arfvidson Prize: 30 000 francs (Ï4560)
In addition, with a view to increasing candidates' interest in building and the environment, the Mutuelle des Architectes Français has established a bursary of 100 000 francs (Ï15 200) in association with the Grand Prize.

The Marcel Samuel-Rousseau Prize for Composition
With a value of 60 000 francs (Ï9120), this competition is open to all composers under 35 on 1 January of the year in question. It is awarded for a lyric composition in French.

Entry competition for the Casa Velazquez
The Académie des Beaux-Arts makes a substantial contribution to the administration of the Casa Velazquez in Madrid; this institution is the Spanish counterpart of the Villa Médicis, home of the French Academy in Rome. The Académie is directly responsible for the organisation of the entry competition.
For further information, contact the French Ministry of Education, 61-65 Rue Dutot, 75015 Paris